February 23 - Decline of the Girondins-WAR GOING...

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February 23, 2012 The French Revolution 1791-1799 Chronology Constitutional Monarchy (1789-1792) National Convention (1792-1795) The Terror (Sept. 1793-July 1794) French Directory (1795-1799) Radicalization of French Revolution King’s attempted escape Wars with other European powers Internal strife due to counterrevolutionary activity The King’s Flight to Varennes (June 1791) Caught and Returned to Paris War in the Vendee Rural peasants Isolated regions where clergy and nobles were more trusted than outsiders Much more religious
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National Convention replaces National Assembly (April 1792)
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Unformatted text preview: Decline of the Girondins-WAR GOING POORLY-COUNTERREVOLUTION RISE OF THE JACOBINS-RADICAL SOCAIL CONTRACT-Centralized power-Universal male suffrage Left, Right, and Center (1791-1792) Center-Right Feuillants (constitutional monarchy) Center-left: Girondions Left: Jacobins (centralized state) The End of the Monarchy Under Jacobins, France declared of a Republic ( Sept. 1792) Louis XVI put on Trail, Executed in Jan 1793 Marie Antoinette Followed in Oct 1793 The Terror ( Sept. 1793- July 1794) Committee of Public Safety-Maximilian Robespierre-Leevee en masse (1793)...
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February 23 - Decline of the Girondins-WAR GOING...

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