englightenment 0217 - o To escape this brutish life people...

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February 16, 2012 The Enlightenment General definition of the Enlightenment 1650 -1789 intellectual and cultural phenomenon Application of human reason to human affairs - Lead to individual freedom - And the construction of a prosperous just and equitable society Though/reason does not depend on a social and religious authority Scientific Revolution (1550-1700) A universe ordered according to natural laws Mechanical view of the universe Natural laws discovered by the human reason Encouraged philosophers to rely on reason Wasn’t completely scientific as we think of it - Isaac Newton - (Understanding gods natural laws , getting closer to god) Printing Press 1400-1500 took off in the 1700 Developed all over Europe Allowed to publish information Encyclopedia- Denis Diderot -Allowed to view and research reason Thomas Hobbes o Human are naturally cruel greedy and selfish
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Unformatted text preview: o To escape this brutish life people entered into a social contract o Only a powerful government could ensure and orderly society o Believed only an absolute monarchy could keep a society completely orderly John Locke o Humans are naturally reasonable moral and good o Humans have a natural rights: life liberty and Property o People form governments to protect natural rights Essay Question! To what extent was the logic behind the American War of the Independence and the French Revolution inspired by the Enhlightenment? Hint: Look for a common Language/ideas between Enlightenment weiters and the sources from the mrtvian nf French Revolution I class. Short eassy form with a short 8 sentenctc intro followed by two half page paragraj tjem short 8 sentecn conclusion...
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englightenment 0217 - o To escape this brutish life people...

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