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Chronology o Congress of Vienna (1814) o Revolution of 1830 o Revolutions of 1848-9 Legacy of Napoleon Spread ideals of Revolutions, especially nationalism (1830.1848) Led to a Transformation of politics: o Changes the rules of political legitimacy o Mass politics o Added far more violence into politics C ONGRESS OF V IENNA Restore order n Europe Main concern: peace and stability in Europe Blacnce of power Each European power had its own sphere of influence Confederation of german states are dominated by austria
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Unformatted text preview: Suppression of the press Attempt to restore the old way Holly alliance: Prussia, Russia and Austria Confirmation of absolutism Skip nacncy program Chiise a siurce frin ibe if the following: Heinrich von treitschke (german) adam mickiewics Polish and Alecei stepanocich Khomyakov Slavic According to the writer what defines the national character of the said country? How did he demonstarate his peoples uniwuenes....
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