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Unformatted text preview: a) The player’s number on a baseball uniform is an example of quantitative data. b) Histograms are used with nominal data. c) A tabular summary of a set of data showing the fraction of the total number of items in several non-overlapping classes is a relative frequency distribution. d) Fifteen percent of the students in a School of Business Administration are majoring in Economics, 20% in Finance, 35% in Management, and 30% in Accounting. The graphical devices that can be used to present these data are a pie chart or a line graph. e) A scatter diagram is used to represent the relationship between two ratio level variables. f) After the data have been arranged from smallest value to largest value, the value in the middle is called the median. g) Excel’s MEAN function can be used to compute the mean. h) The sum of deviations of the individual data elements from their mean is always equal to zero....
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