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Class Notes 3/19/12 Intellectual Property / Patent Law Patent: A design or an invention. The federal government grants the patent holder a period of either 20 years (invention) or 14 years (design) in which no one can compete with that product. Copyrights Music, movies, Software, etc. Fair Use 1. Purpose of the use – if a use is for educational purposes or news reporting it won’t be considered copyright infringement. 2. Amount of the work – 3. Amount of Harm done to the artist 4. Nature of use Trademarks
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Unformatted text preview: Words, Names, Logo’s, sounds. If a corporation wants to use one of these to uniquely identify their product, they need to register it. Service Mark – For corporations who don’t produce a physical product. They can protect their name. Abandonment of trademarks 1. Fail to use your trademark. When a company pulls their product from shelves for 2 years and doesn’t intend to use it again. 2. When the trademark becomes generic and isn’t used to describe your product. Ex. Kleenex. 3....
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