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BUSI310_8wk_Syllabus(1)(1)(1) - COURSE SYLLABUS BUSI 310...

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C OURSE S YLLABUS BUSI 310 P RINCIPLES OF M ANAGEMENT C OURSE D ESCRIPTION Management requires a balance between social (people) and technical (quantitative) perspectives, as well as between efficiency and effectiveness. This course emphasizes the application of these perspectives in each of the planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions. R ATIONALE In support of the published Liberty University Philosophy and Mission Aims, this course seeks to provide students with academic content that: (1) promotes an understanding of the importance of the individual, maintaining democratic and free market processes [Aim 2]; (2) fosters university level competencies in writing, speaking, reading, analytical reasoning, computer literacy, and research [Aim 3]; (3) enables engagement in a major field of study built on a solid foundation of liberal arts [Aim 5]; (4) exploration of the moral dimensions and ethical implications in the discipline [Aim 6]; (5) development of competence and determination in the approach to the chosen vocation [Aim 7]; (6) promote the synthesis of academic knowledge and Christian values in order that there might be a maturing of spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical behavior [Aim 8]; (7) cultivate a sensitivity to the needs of others and a commitment to the betterment of humanity [Aim 9]; and (8) encourage a commitment to Christian life, one of actively
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