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Barrons Enterprises is among the countries top building materials suppliers for the east coast. Currently, James E. Davis, President, Senior Partner, and Chairman of the Board has lead the company during a historic downturn in the economy and yet has maintained a successful and profitable organization. Jim Davis, who started with Barrons Gaithersburg Lumber in 1978 and worked his way up through the company with real experience in virtually every aspect of the operation. Recently, the company opened its second location in Manassas, Virginia and is continuing to grow and service new customers and new markets. The way the organization was founded is unique in every aspect giving every employee the opportunity to grow within. At
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Unformatted text preview: Barrons Enterprises the current owners of the company are fulltime employees. Currently as the credit analyst of Barrons Enterprises I can say that one of the major issues that we have had in the last years was with accounts receivable. After two big accounts went bankrupt we came to the conclusion that Personal guarantees were not enough. Even though our background checks are extremely rigid we cannot afford not to be too careful. After these incidents, we came with the great idea that all of our accounts should be insured. Now, we work hand in hand with Euler Hermes when extending credit lines. This has enabled us to extend larger credit lines and being more flexible with our terms....
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