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Resumes for 1Ls Notes - need to explain it 5 Use your uiowa...

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Resumes for 1Ls Notes Your resume is your first work product Attention to detail Interest section is important Always keep in mind this is a people business There are a lot of ways to do a resume But there are things you can do wrong 1. Resume must be easy to read 2. Must be concise 3. Has to be in the place they expect it to be 4. If you have an award that highlights something but it’s not clear what it is, you might
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Unformatted text preview: need to explain it 5. Use your uiowa email address 6. Save as pdfs 7. Use spell check 8. Always get rid of your drafts 9. Upload into simplicity 10. Use parallel construction 11. Make interests count 12. You need at least a half inch around 13. Use resume paper (not the recycled kind)...
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