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jew midterm study guide - Midterm Study Guide for...

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Midterm Study Guide for “Introduction to Judaism” (211) Terms Canon : text with authority: Hebrew bible, Torah, Talmud o part of 3 maps-textual definition o has authority (ex: pop culture facebook rather than myspace) o rather read the bible than historical book b/c ithas authority Pittsburgh Platform : made practice of Judaism more modern; rejection of laws based on rituals instead of morals (kashrut); envisions Jews as a religious community within a nation instead of a nation Zionism : nationalist jewish political movement that calls for the self- determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland. Pittsburgh Platform nullified this because Judaism was seen as a ethic group not as a nation Safe Treyf ”: less unkosher food, unkosher flavors hidden, willfully naive Tanakh : Hebrew bible Torah/Pentateuch : teaching; Christian Pentatuch first 5 books of Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Septuagint : LXX, Greek translation of Hebrew Bible, widely accepted Babylonian Exile : Jews kicked out by Babylonians 586 BCE Second Temple Period : 2TP; 515 BCE-70CE Bar Kokhba Revolt : 132-135 CE; changed rabbinic movement; against Rome but causes obscure; slaughter and eviction of Jews from Judea; Christianity separates from Judaism Oral Torah : Mishnah based on this Written Torah : Hebrew bible; midrash Mishnah : edited 200 CE by R. Judah the Prince; first rabbinic document; Tanniam; based on Oral Torah no scriptural support, authority NOT from Hebrew Bible Midrash: to seek interpretation of Bible; rationalizes mistakes in Bible; rule-driven form of interpretation; assumes HB is perfect, God has a reason for imperfections Halakhah: legal mumbo-jumbo; law Aggadah : everything else; stories Talmud : mishnah(oral torah) + commentary(Gemara) o Palestinian : Yerusalemi ; edited in 5th cent CE, Ammoriam, influenced by Christianity o Babylonian : Bavli ; edited 6th cent CE, Ammoriam, influenced by Zoroastrianism Bavli/Yerushalmi : Bavli-babylonian Talmud, Yerushalmi-palestinian talmud Gemara : commentary in tolmud
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Yavneh legend: rabbinic traditions go back to 2TP: R. Yohanan pretended to be dead in order to escape Roman rule of Jerusalem and brought his teachings with him. o
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jew midterm study guide - Midterm Study Guide for...

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