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jewish synthetic questions - Synthetic Questions Be able to...

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Synthetic Questions Be able to plot any Jewish community (e.g., Second Temple, Qumran, rabbinic, Orthodox, etc.) explain modern diversity onto Satlow’s three maps (see “Introduction” to Creating Judaism). self identification: how someone relates themselves to religion (Israel- am yisrael) Textual tradition: authoritative or canonical or conversation Religious practice: Orthodox self identification: observe mitzvoth in more strict way, adm dietary laws, conservative more adjustable as needed, orthodox is to follow them very exactly, strong am yisrael textual tradition bible etc rabbinic texts religious practice follow textual traditions very closely Jewish community: Qumran or essenes Don’t talk about am-yisrael( connects all jewish people biologically), wrote rule of the community, not part of communities with all Jews, focus more on self identification separating themsevels from Jerusalem, different calendar, call themselves we’re suns of light, other sects are the dark, they are part of this elite group of super-Jews, extra chosen one’s who actually obey God and read Torah correctly, textual tradition they interpret the torah, all interpreting torah Jews but same texts, religious practice different calendar, no temple, don’t offer sacrifices, instead they have rules and laws that they uphold Rabbinic: Self identification: Babylonian and Palestine interpret torah, am yisrael all connected o Textual tradition Bible, Mishnah—oral torah but its written down, Midrash, Talmud. Religious practice Jews because they interpret torah, not because of sacrifice, fence around torah interpret laws expansively not to break the laws Representation of territory In what ways has Judaism been conceived as an ethnicity? a religion? a philosophy? Be specific. A philosophy
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jewish synthetic questions - Synthetic Questions Be able to...

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