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ILS 204 (1) - Rebirth The Renaissance (rebirth)1300-1600...

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Rebirth The Renaissance (“ rebirth ”)—1300-1600 turning point between medieval and modern times revival of the culture of Greco-Roman civilization spread from Italy to all parts of Western Europe opened with a century of European warfare and devastating culture TRANSITON: MEDIEVAL TO RENAISSANCE 14 th century was a period of transition marked by a number of dramatic events Black Death --1347 Destroyed 1/3 to ½ of pop. in less than a century; ravaged most of western world in first 2 years; death occurred in 2 or 3 days Greater demand for workers increased bargaining power of survivors exodus from countryside to urban growth and contributed to disintegration from of manorialism Labor rebellions demise of old feudal order The Hundred’s Year War —1337-1453 Result of a longstanding English Claim to continental lands —English claim to the French throne blow to feudalism dramatically impersonal use of gunpowder dismissal of hand-to-hand combat and “rules” of medieval chilvarly Decline of Church The Avignon Papacy (1309-1377)
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relocation of papacy from Rome to Avignon popes used stringent and often corrupt means to accomplish goals strong anticlerical feelings in those who regarded Rome as traditional home of papacy The Great Schism (1378-1417) Election of two popes; one from Avignon and other from Rome two conflicting claims to universal sovereignty and violent controversy within Church Violated the very sanctity of the Holy Office Art of this era depicts clear signs of a revived self-consciousness, a growing preoccupation with gender and class, and determined efforts to represent the world with greater objectivity THE ARTS IN TRANSITION Social realism emerged in art and lit—a close, objective attention to human society and social interaction Boccaccio 1313-1375 Decameron , 1351 7 women and 3 men trying to escape the plague retreat the the burbs of Florence and each tells a story on each of ten days provides insight into the social concerns and values of both
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ILS 204 (1) - Rebirth The Renaissance (rebirth)1300-1600...

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