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EXP 3202 Sensation and Perception Study Guide for Exam 1 In this first study guide I want to make sure that all students understand my objectives and expectations. We covered this in the syllabus and class discussion, but I want to make sure this is absolutely clear! The most difficult part of preparing for the first exam in any course is determining where to concentrate your effort. What material should you study? Obviously, if I lectured about it, I consider it important and I will likely ask something about it on the exam. This guide will provide you with a list of essay-like questions about my lectures. You will discover that some of these questions are very much like questions in on the book’s web site, but I put them here as well so that you can see the questions in the sequence that I expect to cover things in lecture. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to organize your studying. The sequential order also means that do not need to wait until the end of the unit to begin preparing answers to these study questions. Rather, you can just go down the list and answer a few after each class so you know early on if you missed anything. My first few lectures provided you with historical and neurobiological foundations. Clearly this book section is not at the depth that I would expect on the exam, but it does provide some of the key words in case you missed them in the lecture. In addition, there are links to some good information on neurobiology and the synapse on the blackboard site. This exam will cover Chapters 1, 9 and 10. You should focus of sections of the chapters that we also covered in class. The book web site has key words and review questions to guide your studying. My objective is to use lecture time to emphasize and clarify topic areas presented in the text, and to present additional information that is not fully covered in the text. My expectations are that students will understand topic areas to the greatest depth possible by the combination of text and lecture. Once again, the vast majority of questions will be regarding topic areas that I cover in class. On the rare occasion that I ask something from
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SnPStudyGuideExam1-1 - EXP 3202 Sensation and Perception...

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