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PHI363 4/5/12 Can you be in favor of human rights and all cultural ways of life, religions, and ways of life are equal? NO Human rights NUMBER 5 KEY READINGS: Michael Wats Positivism entails the view; laws and a legal system need not have any moral parts to be valid To tolerate all cultural ways of life, What about the Taliban? They attack schools, and women for trying to learn and go to school. The Stuart monarchy Persecuted Catholics because they were persecuted by the Catholics Moral standpoint. Laws and a legal system are only legitimate when it meets certain moral standards Westphalia sovereignty When a state is legitimate, it has the right of non-intervention, other states are not suppose to intervene in a legitimate state.
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Unformatted text preview: VIEWS 1. Westphalia view Positivist view, intervention is never justified, Regardless of the internal right violations. NO INTERVENTION 2 Moral conception of legitimacy Justify intervention 3More protection against genicide: these views cause the greatest arguments towards Westphalia view. Mumgambie: Zimbabwe, causing huge amounts of starvation China: killed 20 MILLION people… 4. Walts A state is legitimate when it rules in accordance with its people and its peoples traditions Look at Luben for counter argument READ Fukiama!!! Fukiama: sees western better Li Quang Yu: Signapore sees that the east is better, where there is hierarchy, however it is hard to attract artists, software engineers…...
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PHI363Notes4:5:12 - VIEWS 1. Westphalia view Positivist...

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