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BISC 230 LAB REPORT - Brad Tradonsky BISC-230 Lab Section...

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Brad Tradonsky BISC-230 Lab Section 13250(Thurs 2-4) Open Toed Shoe Study: Are those wearing Open toed shoes more likely to be male or female Introduction: The University of Southern California—lovingly called USC by students, alumni and the general alike—enjoys a very warm and temperate climate. In fact, many students who choose to come to USC choose to do so because of this enjoyable climate. It is therefore no surprise that a number of the students—and other people—who roam USC’s campus do so while wearing open toed shoes, OTS. This study examined if a given person wearing OTS was more likely to be male or female. The hypothesis was that of the people wearing OTS a statistically significantly larger percentage of said population would be female—as opposed to male. With this premise in mind we began our work. Methods: To obtain our date we had people in our class sit at various locations all around USC’s campus for 20-minute time intervals. Various locations were used as to illuminate for
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