1009 - 10/08/09 Bio Bacteria: 2 largest groups:...

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10/08/09 Bio Bacteria: 2 largest groups: proteobacteria and gram positive Subgroup: Gamma Proteobacteria Examples in clued sulfur bacteria such as Chromatium and pathogens such as Legionella, Salmonella, and Vibrio cholera E. coli resides in the intestines of many mammals and is usually not pathogenic Subgroup: Delta Proteobacteria- predatory… stalks and attacks larger bacterium Concept 27.5: Prokaryotes play crucial roles in the biosphere. Prokaryotes are so important to the biosphere that if they were to disappear, the prospects for any other life surviving would be dim. Prokaryotes have been driving most of the major biogeochemical cycles. Chemical Recycling: Prokaryotes play a major role in the continual recycling of chemical elements between the living and nonliving components of ecosystems. Chemoheterotrophic prokaryotes function as decomposers, breaking down corpses, dead vegetation, and waste products. Nitrogen fixing prokaryotes add useable nitrogen to the environment. Symbiotic Relationships: Many prokaryotes live with other organisms in symbiotic relationships In mutualism, both symbiotic organism benefit. In commensalism, one organism benefits while neither harming nor helping the other in any significant way In parasitism, one organism called a parasite benefits at the expense of the host. Concept 27.6 Prokaryotes have both harmful and beneficial to humans Pathogenic prokaryotes typically cause disease by releasing exotoxins or endotoxins. Exotoxins cause disease even if the prokaryotes that produce them are not present- excreted
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1009 - 10/08/09 Bio Bacteria: 2 largest groups:...

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