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chapter 8 lecture - Chapter 8 lecture notes The Muscular...

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Chapter 8 lecture notes The Muscular System HEATINCca video 40-50% of body weight = muscle tissue 4 properties; excitability, contractility, extensibility, elasticity 3 kinds of muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth, cardiac Muscle Contraction: Spindle shaped: fat in middle and tapered towards tendons at end where they attach to bones Single muscle fiber: multinuclei on outer surface. Made up of bundles of myofibrils - Actin and myosin filaments The Muscular System: Functions: movement, posture, heat generation (for example, shivering) Types: Study table 8-1. Involuntary: cardiac and smooth (organs) Voluntary: skeletal muscle Skeletal Muscle Fibers: made of fascicles: bundles of muscle fibers, consisting of myofibrils Actin: thin and light Myosis: thick and heavy - They overlap. The movement of actin and myosin filaments causes contractions of muscle. Know the diagram. Muscle Fascicles Muscle fibers myofibrils thick and thin filaments Connective Tissue Wrappings: Epimysium (all over muscle), Perimysium, Endomysium Aponeurosis: white connective tissue sheet that binds certain muscles together. Harder and thicker. The fiber muscle is attached to bone via tendon, ligaments Structrue: Sarcolemma: plasma membrane of the muscle fiber. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum: specialized smooth ER, stores calcium!!
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chapter 8 lecture - Chapter 8 lecture notes The Muscular...

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