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1.Marketing Plan - Marketing Plan TARGET AUDIENCE...

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Marketing Plan TARGET AUDIENCE PROMOTIONAL PLANCES TAKE HOME MESSAGE INDUSTRY TRENDS Target Market EXAMPLE: To have a correct target market we will analyze the demography of people in the Lincoln Park area. The general target market would be with the ages 25-50, either gender but mostly females would be attracted to our business, and our business is open to any race but because of the people living in the Lincoln Park area it would attract white upper class men. To advertise to the right people, we need to analyze the lifestyle of people with dogs. Their hobbies would include a spending time with the family and have an open life to take care of a dog. Our target market is anyone with a dog, especially older people around the age of 40- 50. Our target market also includes families because many people in Lincoln Park can be seen with a baby stroller and walking their dog at the same time. Their lifestyle would also be active to give the dog the time and enrichment it needs to have a healthy life. Our target market includes younger people because they can also be seen running or walking with their dog by themselves in Lincoln Park. The target market of Presentable Pooches has a high education level, is in the upper class, and also has high paying occupation to afford monthly grooming services. It is important to perform a well in-depth analysis of our target market to ensure we can satisfy all the wants and
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1.Marketing Plan - Marketing Plan TARGET AUDIENCE...

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