2.Competitive Advantage

2.Competitive Advantage - COMPANY...

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COMPANY ADVANTAGES/WEAKNESS/STRENGTHS Competitive Advantage To make our product a success we will offer special events that make us the best in our field for fun nightlife entertainment. We will distinguish ourselves from other bars by having different rooms that people can rent out and host activities that relate to the season or holidays in that month. Usually other bars are just places to drink and dance but we will stand out by hosting events that make each night unique. This factor will make our business a success because it creates customer value on why they should choose our bar over our competitors. Therefore people can choose when to come to our based on their preferences. For example, if someone’s favorite holiday is Christmas, they may feel more compelled to visit our bar during that month and join in our fun activities that relate to the holiday spirit. It is our innovation of different themes and seasonal activities that will be our main competitive advantage. 4
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2.Competitive Advantage - COMPANY...

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