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2.Promotion Strategy - at least time to browse through the...

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Promotion Strategy Modern speakeasy is a new bar, it is important to advertise our business in different area in order for our business to compete properly among other competitors in the bar business. The first method of promotion is to put an ad in the Friday morning redeye free paper, which will be describing what we offer like drinks and party, VIP birthday special, friend and family special. We will also advertise in front of universities such as Loyola, DePaul, and UIC. We will be using all kind of methods of promotion to present Modern speakeasy bar to all personas. The redeye is the new and free pick up news paper that everybody from all age love to read because in it , there’s sports, bar news, party house, movies count , game and more .In addition, the newspapers can be picked up anywhere in by Chicago public transportation. As a result those who are taking the train , riding bikes, commuting , and professionals who live far away from the city will have
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Unformatted text preview: at least time to browse through the redeye news paper on the way to their destination. The redeye ad will describe Modern speakeasy as the people friendly type of bar, where everybody is invited and diversity is well received. Place strategy The place where the Modern speakeasy will be located will say a lot about who we are as business people, even to the extent of describing the quality of our product. Modern speakeasy location is in a well respected area with class and business and with little violence. It is a place where people want other people to have fun with other party spirited people. Modern speakeasy will be located in a plan site so everyone can see it. In addition, a big logo will be visible high up in front of the bar with a combination of 3 colors to attract many customers in general....
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