4 How to talk about mergers

4 How to talk about mergers - Sony’s televisions Jobs in...

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How to talk about mergers: Sample The merging of Sony’s production plants and technology advancement is a part of microeconomics because it focuses on the particular market of televisions. By combining forces with Hon Hai, Sony can bring competition back to the television market because it will be to produce it products more efficiently and offer customers a better price. Because Hon Hai is located in Taiwan its gross domestic product will increase because it will now be producing
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Unformatted text preview: Sony’s televisions. Jobs in that country will also increase to do the increase in business with the production facility. The company of Sony is participating in the comparative advantage theory because it is having Taiwan produce it televisions because it is the most efficient and selling the finished product back to the country that cannot produce it as well, which is the United States....
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