Lab 4 Report - Muckle Uniform Circular Motion Lab...

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Muckle Uniform Circular Motion Lab Experimenter: Christopher Muckle - 14122628 Lab Partner(s): Myranda Ross TA: Zuleyha Yuksek Course / Section: PHYS2750 Section- JJ Date: 2/22/12
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Muckle Abstract: The Uniform Accelerated Motion Lab was primarily focused on us being able to determine the centripetal force acting on an object undergoing uniform circular motion and then to determine its relationship to other parameters of the system we were dealing with, such as mass, gravity, and velocity. In this experiment we used two different activities in order to find the elastic force, which was an action reaction pair with the centripetal force. Then we compared our results in each activity to come to a solid conclusion based on error analysis. In the two activities we used an apparatus, which consisted of a hanging mass M with a radius R from the central post. The mass M was connected to the post by a spring. In the first activity, we attached another string to the hanging mass M and lead it through a pulley and hung a smaller mass m to it. The idea behind this activity was to hang varying
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Lab 4 Report - Muckle Uniform Circular Motion Lab...

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