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Literature Review Over many years, the study of code-switching has expanded and broken down into many key components and functions such as its ability to demonstrate style or creativity. This study seeks to demonstrate that code-switching can be a display of bilingual creativity. Specifically the study will be centered on the linguistic relationships between Cantonese and English in Canto- pop music. However it is rudimentary that prior knowledge of past studies on this subject is presented. This literary analysis will clarify and expound the background of this research so that it becomes understandable. Bilingual creativity refers to the unique ability to create stylistic forms of expression through combining various elements such as diction and syntax from two or more different languages. It has been displayed in many forms, notably in advertisements, literature, and music. Specifically the English language has several properties that have made code-switching with another language fit well and sound pleasing. Creativity through English has enabled advertisers
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