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MUS 307 STUDY GUIDE 4 - Cecil Taylor(from class lectures 4...

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MUS 307 STUDY GUIDE 4 Terms: Free Jazz Jungle Music Cotton Club 1. Be able to talk about the jazz composition and arranging style of Duke Ellington (Layed out quite nicely on page 130 of the textbook). 2. Be able to understand the unique relationship that Duke Ellington had with pianist/composer Billy Strayhorn. 3. Be familiar with the playing styles of free jazz musicians Ornette Coleman and
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Unformatted text preview: Cecil Taylor (from class lectures) 4. Be familiar with the musical characteristics that make a piece of music “free” or “avant garde” or “out”. (Layed out under the heading “Free” Jazz in the textbook on page 308) ALSO!!! There will NOT be a listening component on this quiz. You’re welcome....
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