MUS 307 QUIZ 1 STUDY GUIDE - - Creating solos that are...

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MUS 307 QUIZ 1 STUDY GUIDE Terms - Improvisation - Syncopation - Riff - Melody (head) - Rhythm section - Front line - Bebop Know the individual roles of each instrument in the rhythm section (bass, drums, piano): - Bass – improvises bass lines that serve as the harmonic foundation of the ensemble. - Generally play one note on every beat - The bass is the most important part of the rhythm section. - Drums – the timekeeper of the band - main job is to provide a consistent tempo while also supporting the ensemble and or soloist. - Piano – Improvises chord voicing’s in a syncopated fashion to provide harmonic support for the band and the soloist. Know the role of the soloist: The improviser role (regardless of what instrument it may be) is the most important role to assume in jazz because improvisation is the most defining characteristic of jazz. The soloist is responsible for: - Creating improvisations that fit the songs harmonic structure.
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- Playing in tempo with the rest of the band
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Unformatted text preview: - Creating solos that are personal and original. - Playing in a fashion that fits the mood of the song being played. Understand the common form of most Jazz songs: (Intro) melody, solo section, melody re-statement. Bebop Different than the music preceding it in that it is: - more harmonically complex - more rhythmically complex - generally played with faster tempos - requires greater instrumental facility from the musicians involved - generally more “Jagged” in terms of melody and improvisations. -Bebop was created during late night jam sessions at Minton’s Playhouse. Be able to name the 4 main innovators of Bebop. -Understand, and be able to write about why Bebop was not well received during its early years. -Be familiar with the musical styles of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk as well as the people who influenced each artist . Consult your lecture notes/text book for this information....
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MUS 307 QUIZ 1 STUDY GUIDE - - Creating solos that are...

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