Spring 2012 MGT 3013 Exam 4Ch101112

Spring 2012 MGT 3013 Exam 4Ch101112 - Spring 2012 MGT 3013...

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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2012 MGT 3013 Exam 4 A Chapters 10, 11 & 12 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. This exam consists of 40 questions, and each question is worth .25 of a point. The total amount of points available in this exam equals 10 points. ____ 1. Strategy defines ____ to do (it) while organizing defines ____ to do (it). a. how; what b. how; why c. what; how d. what; why e. when; what ____ 2. Louise works in the manufacturing department at Ice Sculptures. The work in Louise's department is low in task specialization. As a result, Louise a. usually performs a single task. b. does a variety of tasks and activities. c. is often bored. d. is rarely challenged. e. generally goofs-off. ____ 3. Jacob was recently looking at his company's organization chart in an attempt to discover who reports to whom. Jacob is studying his organization's a. degree of formalization. b. amount of differentiation. c. degree of centralization. d. chain of command. e. division of labor. ____ 4. Dustin's subordinates are highly trained and all perform similar tasks. Brittany's subordinates are spread over two locations and she has little available in the way of support systems. Which of the following statements is most correct? a. Nichole's span of management can be larger than Kevin's. b. Nichole will have problems with unity of command. c. Kevin's span of management can be larger than Nichole's. d. Kevin has more problems with work specialization. e. None of these. ____ 5. Which of the following factors is NOT associated with larger span of control? a. Work performed by subordinates in stable and routine. b. Subordinates perform similar work tasks. c. Subordinates are located at various different locations. d. Subordinates are highly trained and need little direction. e. Rules and procedures defining task activities are available. ____ 6. Relative to a flat organizational structure, a tall structure has a ____ span of management and ____ hierarchical levels. a. wide, fewer b. narrow, fewer c. narrow, wider d. narrow, more e. wide, more ____ 7. Barney and Betty work at Mountain Peak, Inc. Although they both work on the assembly line, they have the authority to make many decisions about their job. Mountain Peak can be said to have a. a high degree of decentralization. b. a wide span of management. c. a high degree of centralization. d. a narrow span of management. e. no management. ____ 8. Kent works at the Tick Tock, Inc. He has two bosses, one a functional manager and the other a divisional manager. Tick Tock, Inc. has a a. functional structure. b. divisional structure. c. geographic structure....
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Spring 2012 MGT 3013 Exam 4Ch101112 - Spring 2012 MGT 3013...

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