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Unformatted text preview: 1/31/12 Lecture 3: The Nucleus The nuclear membrane 1 1/31/12 The nuclear pore complex (NPC) EM From the Nuclear side Nuclear Transport (Gated transport) [Dr. Kwak’s part] 2 1/31/12 Lamina Assembly Intermediate proteins progeria control The nuclear lamina 3 1/31/12 Nucleolus Function of Nucleolus: transcribe and assemble rRNA into ribosome subunits Chromosomes 4 1/31/12 The cell cycle The Chromosomes during Cell Cycle Three major components of an eukaryo6c chromosome kinetochore 5 1/31/12 Chromosome Packing The SMCs in Condensins Chromosome Packing The Nucleosome 6 1/31/12 The Histone Code (epigene6cs) Decipher the Histone Codes The packaging informa6on can be inherited 7 1/31/12 The Centromere A simple model for centromere in yeast Karyotype: a complete set of chromosomes at mitosis The human genome comprises 23 pairs of chromosomes. 8 1/31/12 Experiments in my lab Cell line 155 46,XX,t(2;22) The banding paBerns of human chromosomes (stained with Giemsa stain) 8466 46,XX (normal) Real exp 9 1/31/12 Abnormalities Ch 4 Ch 12 Ch 4 Ch 12 Recap Structure of Envelope and nuclear pore complex Function of the Nucleolus Nuclear lamina Chromosome packaging: nucleosomes, 30 nm fibers. Nucleosome structure and components Histone code Karyotype analysis 10 ...
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