SAXENA Discussion ch. 5

SAXENA Discussion ch. 5 - Discussion Exercise for Chapter 5...

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Discussion Exercise for Chapter 5 Winter 2012 Name: Sadhvi Saxena Section: 0103 A. Binomial Distribution Sampling Exercises Below are 2 sampling exercises examining whether or not sample data follow a binomial distribution. The goal is to demonstrate when this question can be asked and to think about how the results will look if the data do (or do not) follow a binomial distribution. Example in which the Observations ARE independent We are looking at a lake that has both red and white tadpoles. Assume we will always take samples of 4 tadpoles at a time. If the distribution of these tadpoles is entirely random and independent of color, then the probability histogram of tadpole color frequencies for samples of size 4 will follow a binomial distribution . If we sampled all the tadpoles and counted the number of each color that would give us the P (white) and P (red) but not provide information about the distribution of tadpole color in this lake. For this, we need to take repeated samples of size 4 from randomly chosen places in the pond. We will then compare the OBSERVED probability distribution of red and white tadpole samples to the probability distribution EXPECTED for a binomial distribution and try to interpret the results biologically. Now pass around our pretend ‘pond’. Take 4 discs out of the bag, 1 at a time with your eyes closed and set them on your desk, record the # red and the # white and return the discs to the bag and give it to the next person. FOR YOUR SAMPLE:
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SAXENA Discussion ch. 5 - Discussion Exercise for Chapter 5...

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