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Common Notation and Symbols in Linear Algebra Paul Skoufranis September 20, 2011 The following is an incomplete list of mathematical notation and symbols that may be used MATH 115A. Shorthand Notation: for all there exists therefore s.t. such that = implies ⇐⇒ if and only if Set Notation: If X and Y are sets, x X x is an element of the set X x / X x is not an element of the set X X Y the union of X and Y ; that is { x | x X or x Y } X Y the intersection of X and Y ; that is { x | x X and x Y } X \ Y X setminus the set Y ; that is { x | x X and x / Y } the empty set (the set with no elements) X Y X is a subset of Y ; that is, if x X then x Y f : X Y a function f with domain X and codomain Y Mathematical Symbols: N the natural numbers Z the integers Q the rational numbers R the real numbers C the complex numbers F an arbitrary field ( x n ) n 1 a sequence starting at n = 1 whose n th term is x n m n = k a n the sum a k + a k +1 + ··· + a m - 1 + a m C ( X ) the set of continuous functions on a set
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Unformatted text preview: X (e.g. C ([0 , 1]) is the set of continuous function on [0,1]) Common Linear Algebra Notation: [ a i,j ] a matrix whose ( i,j ) th entry is a i,j δ i,j the Kronecker delta function; that is δ i,j = 0 if i 6 = j and δ i,j = 1 if i = j F n the set of n-tuples with entries in a field F I n , n the n × n identity and zero matrices I V , V the identity and zero operators on a vector space V L ( V , W ) the space of linear maps from V to W M n,m ( F ) the set of n × m matrices with entries in F N ( T ) the kernel of a linear map T R ( T ) the range of a linear map T span( S ) the span of a set of vectors S [ T ] γ β the matrix of a linear map T : V → W with respect to the basis β of V and the basis γ of W...
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