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lecture2 - and actually fatal to the whole theory I allude...

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Life Science 15: Concepts and Issues Lecture 2: Intro to Life Science/Science as a Religion 1/12/12 I. Age of Science II. Who am I? III. Scientific Thinking Scientific Method Organized Empirical Methodical Structured way of finding info about observable events in nature Enables us to reject hypotheses about how world works A way to learn and understand anything 1. Make Observations 2. Formulate hypothesis -is it testable? -is it refutable? 3. Make a prediction -if my hypothesis is true, when I do ‘x’ then ‘y’ will occur 4. Conduct an experiment -control all variables, but one -randomized? -double blind? “I will confine myself to one special difficulty, which at first appeared to me insuperable,
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Unformatted text preview: and actually fatal to the whole theory. I allude to the… sterile females in insect-communities;… they cannot propagate their kind.”-Charles Darwin Is eye-witness testimony infallible? How could you answer this with certainty?-How reliable? How could we test this?-find cases where later on they were proven innocent through DNA testing-conclusion: eyewitness reliability depends on the way suspects are presented The Scientific Method- an efficient pathway to understanding the world. Observation Hypothesis Prediction Test Conclusion...
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