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Lecture8 - Modern Art Lecture 8 QuickTime and a...

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Modern Art: Lecture 8 (2/2/2012) QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Paul Gauguin Spirit of the Dead Watching, 1892 Liberated, arbitrary color not based upon copying the real Leaves France » Tahiti (S. Pacific) Mythologize Searching for outside to modernity, outside to modern culture Intensifying job of color and consistent drive of modernism and outside to W. culture and middle class space Rethinking line and color (formal language) and renewing/reinventing language of the body/the nude Similarities and reversals to Manet’s Olympia: turned over, woman meets viewer’s gaze, flatness of bed—a response She believed her dreams were interrupted by a spirit- frozen in fear- world beyond what one can see Gustave Courbet The Sleepers, 1866 The nude as flesh and intensification of flesh Intensifies eroticism; lesbian scenes Posteriors Realism Gustave Courbet The Source, 1868 Nature and female body aligned
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Gustave Courbet The Origin of the World, 1866 Realistic view of nude woman, viewed from between her legs QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Paul Gauguin Boy of Bretagne, 1889 Nude boy, anticlassicized Oblique, cut at frame to slice body Decentered in pictorial space Looking down upon the body- aerial Palette: sculpture-like skin, yellow-red face. Colors don’t add up Body outside conventionality, untouched by modernity Paul Gauguin Two Tahitian Women, 1899 More monumental in space Silence and stillness- no narrative, gazing Display of body and nature Gift, like the flowers on the tray Paul Gauguin Exotic Eve, 1890 + Loss of Virginity, 1890-91 temple arch- borrowed forms Eden like fantasy of bodies in nature Syncretism: layers ideas from W. religion and non-W. culture/traditions- hybridizing Mythology: reacting against origin years of modernism
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