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Modern Art: Lecture 10 (2/9/2012) QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Cezanne Large Bathers, 1898-1906 Painting of bodily experience Read as swimmers immersed in painting Parts left black, canvas showing Gathering of bodies- tending a nonexistent fire Unfinishedness Body merges with canvas itself and with other bodies Merging of project of painting with materiality of painting VIENNA MODERNISM: Gustav Klimt Portrait of Adele Bach-Bauer, 1907 Portrait focused on body- central Body: eroticism and sexuality Contrast at excessive, decorative in gold and shining Illusionistic, 3D appearance Ornamental pattern of variety of shapes Painting about vision and opticality- eye pattern repeated as motif
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Intense eruption of elements- energetic spirals merge with ground- energy, movement Contradictory pictorial languages Body buried in the expanse Body- basis of abstracting Joseph-Mana Olbrich House of the Vienna Secession, 1898 Art Nouveau Move away from Academy- architectural symbol and founded own institution Stark white with gold top
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Lecture10 - Modern Art: Lecture 10 (2/9/2012) QuickTime and...

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