lecture11 - Modern Art: Lecture 11 (2/16/2012) Henri...

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Modern Art: Lecture 11 (2/16/2012) Henri Matisse Portrait of Andre Derain, Summer 1905 Fall 1905: 2 major Paris Salons o Spring: Independent’s Salon o Fall: Autumn Salon o Most trained by Moreau, symbolist painter o Deep radicalization of Post-Impressionism’s liberation of color Matisse as leader of this Henri Matisse Sideboard and Table, 1899 Repeated breaking with tradition and the academic Move towards divisionism Stunned by intensity of light o “Epileptic painting” o Mediterranean Divisionist brushstroke with intense colors Henri Matisse Carmelina, 1903 Rejected divisionism Flattened planes of color (Manet) Genre of model painted by painter Domestic studio space Plays with intensity of hues o Red and close by blue of vase and white of mantelpiece Internalizing other framed objects- contains endless amounts of images Mirror- reflection/copy o Metaphor of pictorial space in W tradition o Ambiguous reflection- not how she would actually be reflected o Closes off reflective space of painting- painting about painting and
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lecture11 - Modern Art: Lecture 11 (2/16/2012) Henri...

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