lecture12 - Modern Art: Lecture 12 (2/21/2012) Henri...

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Modern Art: Lecture 12 (2/21/2012) Henri Matisse Landscape at Collioure, 1905 Fauve summer Wild exploration of possibilities and intensity of color Easel painting Henri Matisse Le Bonheur de vivre, 1906 Monumental size- large scale landscape with series of nudes o Dancing, posing, playing music Arcadian visions- motif of pastoral o Origins of time o Classicizing traditions Series of inconsistencies: o Color, broke with system of method of painting, how nude bodies are portrayed- 2 frontal bodies at the right seem large but the center one is much smaller, bodies of different scales on same planes. o Reds and greens of contour lines, varying bright colors of bodies o Planes of color, lines of color- fusion, energy/release o Fusion of bodies o Animals Energy of dance- centered The golden age, beginning of time Aware of Cézanne’s bather paintings- echoes o Interested in the genre of the past o Assert a break with the past- start anew o Pictorial memories- Ingres, Goya, Mantegna, o Unfinished o Nude- one with nature o Thought of vast range of art history- encyclopedic o Agostino Carracci
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lecture12 - Modern Art: Lecture 12 (2/21/2012) Henri...

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