lecture13 - Modern Art: Lecture 13 (2/28/2012) Pablo...

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Modern Art: Lecture 13 (2/28/2012) Pablo Picasso Two Nudes, 1906 Seemingly female, monumental bodies confronting each other but confined- one holding curtain Threshold moment Volumetric explorations of sculpture No theme or narrative; thinks of itself as mirror image/reflection Break with single point perspective- see object from all sides= not what cubism is One points at her neck, other holds onto fact of one’s self Confrontation to learn about ourselves Quest of self-discovery Sameness but different Lost profile into space of painting, not space of visual Pressuring genre of the nude Henri Matisse Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra), 1907 Both moving toward anonymous condition of the mask Excessive use of blue- Cézanne Paint with multiple contour lines- moving, not stagnant Primitivism Derain Bathers, 1907 Fauvist Like Cézanne Sculptural values Strange foot gesture- immobility and imbalance Derain Bathers, 1908 Cézannean, unpromising result moving away from Fauvist color exploration Dilemma of the nude: Physicality and sensuality challenged by the societal, commodity, modern and real Non-Western, before time, purified of modern age Picasso does both Manet and Gauguin Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 1907 Over 800 prepatory works Stupid title, Picasso didn’t name it Doesn’t show painting publicly immediately- shows in studio to friends
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lecture13 - Modern Art: Lecture 13 (2/28/2012) Pablo...

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