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lecture15 - Modern Art Lecture 15 Auguste Rodin The Gates...

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Modern Art: Lecture 15 (3/6/12) Auguste Rodin The Gates of Hell, 1889-1917 Rejection of narrative relief sculpture Physicality of sculpture and human body About process; bronze cast sculptures Repetition of body types – comes from bronze-casting itself o Leaning on process o Industrial, serial, formal repetition o Relation to bodies changes with arrangemet in same Almost different bodies Movement Experience of change 3D physical medium; connection to body and sculpture; endlessly opening and changing Writhing bodies emerge from flowing liquid space of the door o Fluid, ever-changing quality of molten metal Sculpture must be opened to the fluidity Think back to Michelangelo o Left some unfinished; human form embodied in marble itself o Metaphor: bodies emerging from stone as matter Idea that body is already contained in stone o Idea as it relates to medium; body imprisoned Sculpture emerges from material itself Body is opened to its situation, relation it holds with other bodies o Meaning – relationship to surroundings, not from pre-given values Auguste Rodin Flying Figure, 1890-91/ Walking Man, 1905 Fragmented bodies Don’t need all body parts to understand a motion Not after complete unity of body fixed in space Positioned as implying movement, but holding its position in space Focus attention on drama of body trying to hold itself in space Changes based on relation to viewer in space as we circumnavigate it Open to change, process, and becoming Meaning in the actual matter in the world Motions and gestures Auguste Rodin The Mighty Hand, 1884-86 Hand, gesture, communication Attached to bodies, experienced in space Hand invented anew; can continuously change in space
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Auguste Rodin La Cathedrale, 1908 Repetition o New structure, new form Henri Matisse The Serpentine, 1909 Figure endlessly twisting around in space o Twisting in its pose o Sinuous endless moving line Endlessly changing based on view/perspective o Requires you to do this, doesn’t resolve itself Fragment, even with a complete body Henri Matisse The Back (Version I through IV), 1909-1931
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