lecture16 - Modern Art: Lecture 16 (3/8/12) Futurist...

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Modern Art: Lecture 16 (3/8/12) Futurist Manifesto – Marinetti Futurism (Italian) o Avant-garde o Speed, dynamism, effects of motion 1912: *new modernism for the 20 th century Birth of the avant-garde Georges Braque L’Estaque, 1906 Fauvism Attracted to Matisse, Derain Increasingly arbitrary color Rapid development and change as painter Liquefied landscape – melting away solidity of space Color – light and sunlight Georges Braque Viaduct at L’Estaque, 1907 Palette changes – ice-like, cooler, blue and green Same place as above; Cézanne’s landscape/motifs Increased structuring of composition and forms Two arches in center Contrast between ancient/modern, architecture/nature Georges Braque Large Nude, 1908 Respond to Les Demoiselles, and to Matisse Exploration of painting the nude Singularizes the nude Primitivism – mask-like face Twisted confusing orientation of body- profile view, back view – both standing and recumbent Reject color exploration Intensification of the object itself, sculptural values, depth, volume, modeling –
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lecture16 - Modern Art: Lecture 16 (3/8/12) Futurist...

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