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lecture17 - Modern Art Lecture 17 Pablo Picasso Girl with a...

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Modern Art: Lecture 17 (3/13/12) Pablo Picasso Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier), 1910 Increasingly fragmented picture plane Body – depersonalized, flattened out, residual Giving up on depth and illusionism Musician, also a nude Wrist so flattened out, seems to meld with face of guitar o Fingers cast into depth, shadowed Pockets of depth existing separate from mimetic Pablo Picasso Ma Jolie, 1911 High point of analytic cubism Intense play of shadow and light Gridding of canvas Enter extraneous things – text o Abstract, represents nothing at all o Hermetic cubism o Pure play of line, light, shadow but gives nothing in realm of representation Writing in space of painting o Song title Pablo Picasso Still Life with Chair Caning, 1912 Insertion of mass reproduced object – wallpaper Breakdown of secure medium o Language of cubism o Language of readymade First collage Contradiction of vertical and horizontal Painterly space ruptured by a commodity Georges Braque Still Life BACH, 1912 Bring store-bought materials made of paper into space Cutting up these materials – language of pasted paper Extreme shift to – deeply simplified drawing Synthetic cubism Means of making - radicalized and reformed Wood grains paper with charcoal lines of a musical instrument o Sense of transparency Visual project Pablo Picasso Guitar, Sheet Music, and Wineglass, 1912
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Wood grain material used differently Irreconcilable styles combined, range of materials o Contradiction and irreconcilable differences of materials Collage space, literally flat things chosen Could not go back to mimetic Thinking of increasingly intensified encounter with non-western art o Grebo mask: non-western objects speak a non-mimetic language already – Picasso achieves this through collage o Eyes jut out, surface of face carved in recession o Artists playing with opposition Center hole: top most form o Oil paint built up on top, protruding o Supposed to be a point of depth Pablo Picasso Violin, 1912 Collage with newspaper fragments o Mass produced o Cheap o Covered in language o Not meant to last New play of arbitrariness o Art like language: an arbitrary system bound by conventions but no resembling connection
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