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Readings Review - Readings Review Clement Greenberg...

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Readings Review: Clement Greenberg “Modernist Painting” o Influential art critic- abstract expressionism (Jackson Pollock) o Wants to champion a movement in art, goes back in history o Names Manet as one of 1 st modernist painters o Modernist painting is linked to tradition: Self-criticality Enlightenment (Kant)- self-criticality and self-reflexivity in philosophy o flatness, limitations of the canvas- every medium has its own conditions/limitation o modernist painting resides in painting tradition in general teleology: natural production over time, modernist painting was destined to reach this stage- most advanced stage of painting o modernism explains itself o read without historical context – flatness and self-awareness TJ Clark “Introduction” o Inconsistent, uncertainties within the painting o Skepticism in the nature of representation in art TJ Clark “Olympia’s Choice” o The nude was a pictorial convention, no basis to social reality. Nakedness is more baseness with context in reality. The nude body is your own because you own your fantasy. o Nakedness: you see a body, no sense of fantasy; forces understanding of what your body is because you’re a part of the larger social class system. In Olympia, the way its presented to us shows the viewer as the male buyer. Class transgression is possible- varied clients. o Copy of Titian, but brought in social reality. Tied to social conventions of the time, but references to the past (Rome) which contradict the present nakedness of pointing to the social, or class o scandalized: people didn’t understand how to interpret/understand it o she is not necessarily attractive (more painterly): body looks decrepit (grays/yellows), corpse-like people used to the fiction of immortality o empires need a representation of sexuality- what to base your lifestyle on; a standard or social norm; representations control- tell people how to think about it representations- ideology; art as a model for behavior empires control sexuality by producing representations
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Maurice Merleau-Ponty “Cezanne’s Doubt” o Cézanne’s job as a painter: not imitate/copy, express the presence of the objects, o concepts cannot precede perception o Title: Portrays painter as unsure, self-doubting, fragmentation Subjective idea of the world Needs approval to establish validity o Repainting certain objects- every moment is new, sense of endlessness
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Readings Review - Readings Review Clement Greenberg...

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