Chapter1Managment - Chapter 1 Todays Workplace Talent...

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Chapter 1 Todays Workplace: Talent Intellectual Capital- total sum of a workforces knowledge and ability that can be used for the organization’s benefit Diversity Workforce diversity- creating and maintaining a workforce that is represented by groups of people of different age groups, ethnicities, genders, races, religions and sexual orientations Prejudice- have preconceived unreasonable attitudes regarding members of a certain demographic, population or group- sets the stage for diversity bias Discrimination- giving a particular group substandard and unfair treatment Glass ceiling effect- unseen barrier that stops minority groups and women from attaining high positions in organizations, despite adequate expectations and qualifications Globalization The process by which different countries and regions have become interdependent in regard to resources, markets and competition Technology Ethics- the philosophy that differentiates between what is “right” and “wrong” in actions of an organization or individual Careers Portfolio worker- a person who can adapt to different jobs and careers due to possessing many different types of skills Organizations in the working environment: Organization- arrangement of workers who collaborate to accomplish a collective
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Chapter1Managment - Chapter 1 Todays Workplace Talent...

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