Chapter2-1 - Chapter 2 Classical Approaches to Management...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Classical Approaches to Management: Bureaucratic Organization Bureaucracy- type of organizational structure that has a specific hierarchy of authority, a well-defined division of labor, clear rules and procedures on behavior and performance, impersonal relationships, and career advancement based on merit Specific hierarchy of authority-each person’s authority in the organization is clearly defined, and each worker reports to another person in a higher position of authority Well-defined division of labor- since positions are clearly defined, employees are able to develop specialized knowledge and job skills Clear rules and procedures on behavior-written policies and procedures tell the organization’s members how to behave and make decisions in their jobs Impersonal Relationships- no one in the organization receives special treatment; the rules and regulations are applicable to everyone in the organization Career advancement is dependable on merit- employees are promoted because of their qualifications and performance; not because of personal relationships or family ties • Bureaucracy downfalls- resistant to change, slow response time to problems and changes in the environment, and rigid employee behavior Scientific Management Motion study- study breaking down tasks into fundamental activities 4 basic elements of scientific management: • First, break the task down to it essential components- the optimal working environment, standardized work tools, and the rules of motion • Second, it is important to select workers for the job who have the right attributes...
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Chapter2-1 - Chapter 2 Classical Approaches to Management...

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