Chapter3managment - Chapter 3 Why is motivation Important...

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Chapter 3 Why is motivation Important? Needs Theory 1-Maslow on Motivation Physiological Security Social Esteem Self- Actualization Satisfaction progression- when you fulfill satisfaction and no longer have the motivation to do something Needs Theory 2-Alderfer’s Take on Motivation- ERG Theory Existence needs- all the basic physical and material needs that every person has; Identical to Maslows physiological and security needs Relatedness needs- all needs to interact with others, positively, negatively Growth needs- highest form of needs for both Alderfer and Maslow (self- actualization) External esteem- social approval of others Internal esteem- function of how they feel about themselves and their accomplishments Frustration regression principle- when a person experiences frustration while striving to achieve higher-order need, they regress to a lower-order need that was more concrete and/or measurable Needs Theory 3- McClelland’s Manifest Needs nPow- fundamental to the competency of a leader at any level in the organization nAff- fundamental communication effectiveness and social awareness nAch- individuals that seek out tasks that they perceive only half of people similar to them could complete Achievement motivation= nAch-Fear of Failure Process Theories Equity Theory- A choice Theory of Motivation
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Chapter3managment - Chapter 3 Why is motivation Important...

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