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Chapter 4 Perception: The Perceptual Process- process of receiving and interpreting environmental stimuli Sensation-sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing Attention and the factors influencing the attention process: Size Intensity Frequency Contrast Motion Novelty Perception Perceptual inferences- when we categorize people using limited pieces of information and then act on this information Perceptual organization- process of grouping environmental stimuli into recognizable patterns Figure-ground- when people tend to perceive objects stand against a background Similarity- when stimuli have common traits they are more likely to be grouped together Proximity- stimuli occurring in the same space are often associated Closure- since most stimuli we perceive are incomplete, we naturally tend to extrapolate information and project additional information to form a complete picture Cognitive complexity- allows us to differentiate people and events using multiple criteria, which increases the accuracy of perceptions Perceptual Errors Halo Effect- tendency to allow one personality trait to influence our perceptions of other traits Selective perception- process of systematically screening out information we don’t wish to hear Implicit personality theories Projection- tendency to attribute our own feelings and characteristics to others First impressions Primacy effect- allowing first impressions to have a disproportionate and lasting influence on later evaluations
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Chapter4managment - Chapter 4 Perception The Perceptual...

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