International Business Exam 1 part 2

International Business Exam 1 part 2 - Summer Study Abroad...

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Summer Study Abroad Nance France- Program Cost: $3500 + Travel +9 Credit Hours UCF Tuition Political Systems and International Business Political System- is a complete set of institutions, the relationships between those institutions and the norms that govern their function. Institutions is a colt. Even functions after main person dies. The government is a political systems as well as ucf and democratic party, and your high school Appl e we do not know if it’s a colt or a poltical system The reason the political Systems exisit is primarily focus on distributing power. Establish boundaries between groups- establishing these groups you gain power for your establishments. 2 nd Major part- who is part of us and who is not. Include specified members. What is special about government? Government Roles Universally agreed create and maintain a monopoly on violence. For example someone who grows crops really well and government comes to take it then the crop grower hires a knight to go and kill off people from taking the crops. The knights would fight eachother than the ones that would win they became kings. Anytime you see the government being killed off you get the mafia. Government systems that failed and wanted to surive that is mafia. Regulate areas that might otherwise degenerate into violence. If the government doesn’t want you to steal the government from them they have to make rules. You have to pay taxes. IF you do not pay your taxes they have to come to you with violence. Support areas of natural underinvestment- education, research and development Support projects that require full citizen participation Maintain cultural values- French Miniostry rule its against the law to use the English form of the word. Control Economy. US economy controlled by governmet by 35%
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International Business Exam 1 part 2 - Summer Study Abroad...

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