International Business Exam 1

International Business Exam 1 - International Business is...

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International Business is all business. Why is international Business Different? Currencies-as soon as you cross borders curriencies changes. Currencies changes value. Currencies changing regularly. Government and laws are different- You have to understand all the different laws, you essential get to pick what laws you use. Marketing laws getting bad here move your laws to England. Internatinal Business is different lanugauge. The problem goes beyond just the words its different way of thinking and that will cause a lot of trouble for company. Different Cultural Perspectives- they have a way of thinking that was taught to them by their country and its hard to understand it. For example: Chez Republic they take parts of your body and you become decoration of the church. Successful business because it cost a lot of money to be buried in this cementary. Different Economic Systems and cycles- you have to spend a lot of time finding out how to pull things off. Here in the us we are filthy rich. And we have to be able to adapt to their system if you want to make it work in other places. Different geographies- weather Risk go up, risk could be both. If you diverstify well than the risk are better Which one are international business: BMW, IBM , coke a cola sony, simenes. An international business- business selling products across national boundaries, businesses that rely on international suppliers. Business that is affected by international competitors. International business has advantage over mom and pops places. If you don’t want to be an international business like five guys you survive like if you were. Isolated Real Estate is one of the only non international business. What isn’t international business- non transportable products, highly perishable goods things that rotten easily you cant ship them. Local Services- like a kid cutting your grass.
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International Business Exam 1 - International Business is...

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