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Sample Composition Textural Properties Rock Name How did it form? 1 detrital no visible shale compaction 2 mineral microcrystilline dolostone cementation 3 detrital mostly sand arkose cementation 4 biochemical no visible biruminous coal compaction 5 mineral microcrystilline travertine compaction 6 biochemical sand sized shells fossiliferous limestone cementation 7 detrital conglomerate cementation 8 biochemical no visible micrite compaction 9 detrital silt grained calcarinite cementation 10 detrital no visible siltstone
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Unformatted text preview: cementation 11 mineral (chemical) microcrystilline rock gypsum cementation 12 mineral microcrystilline chert cementation 13 biochemical gravel sized shells coquina cementation 14 detrital sandy lithic sandstone compaction 15 detrital angular gravel breccia cementation Number Description SS1 SS2 flute casts SS4 horizontal strata SS7 cross bedding SS8 mudcracks SS9 current ripple marks rounded, poorly sorted oscillation ripple marks...
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