Labchart5 - 70% quartz 30% k-spar speckled black and white,...

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Sample Number Textures Present Color Index Rock Name How did it form? 1 vesicular aphenitic 0% scoria extrusive, cooled lava 2 pegmatitic diorite 3 aphenitic aphenitic 0% black, dull, mafic rhyolite extrusive, felsic magma 4 phaneritic green, olive, mafic peridotite intrusive, ultramafic magma 5 phaneritic porphyritic diorite 6 vesicular aphenitic 0% basalt extrusive, mafic magma 7 phaneritic white, shiny, felsic syanite intrusive, felsic magma 8 glassy obsidian 9 aphenitic light brown, tan, felsic volcanic tuff 10 vesicular, but very tiny aphenitic 0% pumice extrusive, cooled lava 11 pegmatitic pegmatitic granite intrusive, felsic magma 12 pegmatitic granite intrusive, felsic magma 13 aphenitic rhyolite extrusive, felsic magma 14 slightly vesicular aphenitic 0% red/brown vesicular basalt extrusive, mafic magma 15 porphyritic black/blue porphyritic andesite Minerals Present and Percentage Abundance black, resdish top intermediate-mafic
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Unformatted text preview: 70% quartz 30% k-spar speckled black and white, felsic intrusive, intermediate magma 90% olivine, 10%plagioclase feldspar <10% quartz, not much else light green, brown spots, felsic intrusive, intermediate magma black, white specks, bubbly looking, mafic tiny amounts of quartz at 15% aphenitic 0%, though there may be crytals not viewable to naked eye black, shiny, ultra mafic extrusive, lava that's been cooled extremely fast <10% feldspar crystals extrusive, forms from volcanic ash light grey, intermediate 35% quartz, 45% feldpsar, 15% biotite pinkish, speckled black, felsic pegmatitic, a little bit porphyritic 35% quartz, 45% felspar, 20% biotite speckled brown and black, some red tints, felsic tiny bits of <10% quartz pinkish tint, brownish, felsic 75%+ plagioclase feldspar extrusive, intermediate magma...
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