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Nina Madison Reading Response #12 In 'Alternative Possibilities and Moral Responsibility', what are the circumstances in which Jones can be held responsible for performing that action? Is it true that, in those circumstances, Jones could not have done anything other than perform that action? Harry Frankfurt introduces the case of Jones, where Black will decide once Jones knows what he wants to do, Black will ensure he does what he (Black) wants him to do. Black can do a series of things in order for Jones to do what he wants, such as hypnoses, a potion, etc…. Basically, Frankfurt is giving an example where Black can control Jones’ actions. If Jones does decide on his own to do an action that happens to be what Black wanted him to do, then Jones would carry the same “moral responsibility”, even if Black had been prepared to ensure that Jones would do that action. He would be held responsible, even though technically Jones would
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Unformatted text preview: not have been able to do any other action. This is because Black would have made him do this action, but since Jones happened to do the action Black wanted, Jones would be held responsible. Frankfurt believes that one can be held morally responsible for performing an action even though he couldn't have done otherwise. This is because Jones would be morally responsible because he is unaware of Blacks intent to make him do a certain action and decides to do this action on his own. Jones in reality would have done this particular action whether or not he choose to because of the intervention of Black for Jones to do a particular action. Therefore, Frankfort believes that even though the action, or result, is the same, a person is morally responsible if they choose themselves to do a particular action....
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