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SSP 30256:001, Revision F February 7, 1997 3 – 4 TABLE 3.1.3–1 EVA INDUCED LOADS NOTE: EVA On–Orbit Induced Loads for Inadvertent kick and kick–off, push–off loads do not apply to hardware or worksites which are assembled or maintained using robotic systems (crewmember restrained on SRMS or SSRMS). DESIGN LIMIT LOAD TYPE LIMIT LOAD TYPE OF LOADING DIRECTION CATEGORY OF STRUC- TURE APPLICATION COMMENTS EVA Handrail/ Handhold– Primary Translation Path 220 lb f Quasi–static load applied over 3.0 inch length of hand- rail or handhold at worst loca- tion Any direction Handrails, handholds and supporting structure This load applied to the primary translation path used by the crew- member to return to the airlock. This path is iden- tified in Section 3.9. Handrail/ Handhold Moment– Primary Translation Path F=100 lb f M=600 in– lb Quasi–static concentrated load at worst location Apply 100 lb resultant force in any direction simultaneously with the bend- ing moment.
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