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astro160 25 - EVA load for design of PFR supporting...

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SSP 30256:001, Revision F February 7, 1997 3 – 5 TABLE 3.1.3–1 EVA INDUCED LOADS (CONT’D) DESIGN LIM- IT LOAD TYPE LIMIT LOAD TYPE OF LOADING DIRECTION CATEGORY OF STRUC- TURE APPLICATION COMMENTS Inadvertent kick, bump 125 lb f Quasi–static, concentrated load over a 0.5 inch diameter circular area Any direction Secondary structure near (within 24”) a translation path or worksite This is an acci- dental impact. It should be applied to hardware near (within 24”) translation paths and/or worksites. Force Applica- tion (EVA Han- dling Load) 45 lb f (35 in–lb f for connector panels for mate/demate of connector) Quasi–static concentrated load over a 1.25 inch radius cir- cular area Any direction ORUs and non– structural clo- sures and cov- ers (including shields, cables, cable connector brackets, cable connector pan- els, cable clamps) This load can be applied anytime to any hardware by the EVA crew member when in a foot restraint. All hardware must be designed to this load as a minimum. This force would be applied by the palm of the glove, tip of a
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Unformatted text preview: EVA load for design of PFR supporting structure 274 lb f force; 4200 in–lb moment Quasi–static loads applied at PFR socket to structure inter-face Force in any direction; mo-ment about any axis All structure on which a foot re-straint is at-tached Force and mo-ment applied si-multaneously. EVA tool tether attach point 75 lb f Concentrated load–pull (ten-sion) Any direction Any structures supporting tool tether attach points Hatches 187 lb f Quasi–static concentrated load over a 3.0 inch diameter circular area at worst location Any direction Hatches Tool Impact 125 lb f Concentrated load on a 0.06 inch radius cir-cular area Any direction Windows and exposed glass surfaces — ISS 5/16 in. hexagonal EVA compatible bolt — ISS 5/8 in. hexagonal EVA compatible bolt See Figures 3.1.4–1 through 3.1.4–5 for bolt head dimensions. Tolerances are user defined except where shown....
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