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Astro160 32 - SEG33106254–301 Portable Foot Restraint Workstation Stanchion(PFRWS SEG33106256–301 Tool Pistol Grip(PGT GE1557000 3/8 in Drive

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SSP 30256:001, Revision F February 7, 1997 3 – 12 TABLE 3.2–1 EVA GENERIC TOOLS AND CREW AIDS – NOMINAL DESCRIPTION DRAWING/ PART NUMBER APFR Assy SEG33106857–301 Battery Transfer Unit (BTU) SEG33106329 Large Trash Bag Assy SEG33106937 Small Trash Bag Assy SEG33106678 Battery, PGT GE1557025 Right Angle Drive Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106925 Electronic Cuff Check List TBD Battery, Elec Cuff Check List TBD Data Interface Box for ECC TBD Light, Helmet Flood TBD Battery, Helmet Lights TBD Mini– Workstation – Bilateral Tool TBD Common D–Handle, OHTS SEG33107678 MCF Scoop, OHTS SEG33107677 Micro Scoop, OHTS SEG33106330 Multi Use Tether Base Assy SEG33106869 Handrail End Effector Assy – Multi Use Tether SEG33106890 ORU Tether Assy SEG33108800 Ball Stack Assy – Ball Stack SEG33106870 Orbital Replaceable Unit Transfer Device (OTD)
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Unformatted text preview: SEG33106254–301 Portable Foot Restraint Workstation Stanchion (PFRWS) SEG33106256–301 Tool, Pistol Grip (PGT) GE1557000 3/8 in. Drive Ratchet Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106927 Socket Extension Assy, Rigid, 5/16 X 7 – Bilateral Tools SEG33106928 Socket Extension Assy, Rigid, 7/16 X 2 – Bilateral Tools SEG33106930 Socket Extension Assy, Wobble, 7/16 X 6 – Bilateral Tools SEG33106931 Socket Extension Assy, Wobble, 7/16 X 12 Bilateral Tools SEG33106932 Socket Extension Assy, Wobble, 7/16 X 18 – Bilateral Tools SEG33106933 Socket Extension Assy, Rigid, 5/8 X 7.8 – Bilateral Tools SEG33106934 Temporary Equipment Restraint Aid (TERA) SEG33106255–301 Adjustable Fuse Tether SED39127200...
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